Digital marketing is changing a ton.

AI is heavily on the scene, causing people to mistrust media and content.

People are less willing to attend events – live or virtual…  90% of the clients running events have lost their shirts in the last six months and are moving into digital education hard.

High ticket sales (like anything above $5K) are getting hard to finance and sell.

Now, there are always exceptions to the rule.

Someone on a call said, “Well, I was just in a room of 3,000 people last week with another 4,500 virtual…”

… Tony Robbins doesn’t count! LOL

When you’ve been in the game and grinding for 20 years, your brand precedes you. You will have people show up because of all of the goodwill that you’ve built.

Without that goodwill, though, you have to take your prospects through baby steps so that they trust you before buying your big ticket thing.

And that’s where Self-Liquidating Offers come in…

Low ticket products.

Creating sales funnels that convert is part art, part science. We’ve figured out how to tip the scales towards guaranteed profits by crafting “self-liquidating offers” inside many of our funnels.

Essentially, it means structuring your first offer so that after covering advertising costs, it still leaves plenty of room for profit. So right out the gates, our funnels quickly pay for themselves (aka “self-liquidate”).

But the REAL magic happens next with upsells…

In a recent blog post, I explained my entire funnel framework, including:

  • What self-liquidating offers and why they’re like finding a unicorn 🦄
  • The pivotal role upsells play in elevating overall funnel profitability
  • Must-have tools for building seamless sales funnels
  • Why mastering email sequences is mandatory
  • How this strategy lets me scale my ads infinitely

You can check out the full post here:

This funnel formula has completely changed how we show up online. It lets us scale offers predictably and sustainably. I believe it’s the “holy grail” of digital marketing!

I wanted to pass the knowledge along to you in case you’re also looking to improve your funnel game. Reading time is just 7 minutes for way bigger profits!

Talk soon!

— Jason

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