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The "Get Shit Done" Monthly Planner

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Get more done.  Hit your goals.  Level up your life...  It's a tall order but this planner will smack you in the ass and help you get shit done - one month at a time.

"This planner turns my goals into concrete, daily action items that I can get done.  It's amazing!"

Frank F. Orlando, FL

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1% Better Every Single Day

There's a code that we live by...  Be 1% Better Every Single Day.  It's a simple reminder that a small change in the trajectory of your life amounts to a HUGE turnaround in the weeks, months, and years that you have yet to live.

The Get Shit Done Planner reveals the simple, actionable formula for upgrading your business and your life monthly.  

Inside its pages, you'll discover a simple sequence of steps that will deliver you to the doorstep of your dreams, whatever those dreams may be.

Discover how to turn your BIG visions and dreams into reality by turning them into concrete, daily actions...
Find out how to permanently and forever alter your habits and routines, which step you into the lifestyle of your dreams!
Find out how to get to know yourself, at your core, so you can make decisions and goals based on your own, unique path...

Hit Your Biggest Goals By Focusing On Daily Steps

Not only will you discover how to break down your dreams and goals into smaller, actionable steps...  You'll also learn how to accomplish them yourself or delegate them to your team!

How to successfully and consistently set and achieve goals (this little technique makes it so easy that your goals almost complete themselves!)
Why 'Redefining Routines' is so important to your own life and how you can use it to ALWAYS feel powerful and successful...  Which carries you through the difficult and more challenging times.
How to breakdown seemingly impossible tasks and projects into small, actionable action lists that GET DONE! No more putting your LIFE off!
How to combat shiny object syndrome by focusing on your own, true objectives...  Objectives that will move you toward your goals, and find success with what you ALREADY have!
Find out how to work with others more effectively, helping them share your vision so that you can all row in the same direction!
Plus SO, SO much more!

Get More Of The Things That Matter Done.

Do more of what matters most, both personally and professionally!  Be better every day but focusing on the things that move YOU forward!

What our customers have to say

The GSD Journal started out as a way for us to keep track of our growth.  Today, people use it from all over the world!

Mandy M.

Eventually, you'll find out that the success principles are all the same no matter who writes it. One of them that Jason highly emphasized is taking action. That's what most people don't do. There are many life-changing ideas buried in the graveyard because people don't take actions. They LOVE thinking about it. Only a few do. That's why in his book he emphasized this fact again and again

Jacklyn Bloom

From burning your boats, to simple smile each day, you will find many good ideas and strategies on how to turn your problems into opportunities that catapult you to the next level.

Why Is The GSD Journal So Powerful?

Simple Action.  Big Results.

Starting With A SWOT Analysis

What are you good at?  What should you push off?  What opportunities are in your path?  With this quick analysis, you can pinpoint so much about your daily life... And act on it!

Working Through Your Vision Board

The big, worthy, lofty goals that you have for yourself need a home.  The GSD journal is just that, helping you take action and get what you want!

Yearly Plan Broken Down Into Monthly Action

The true power of the GSD Planner is that it breaks your BIG goals down into yearly, monthly, weekly, and then daily action.  Never again will you wonder, "What's next?"

Framing Up Successful Routines

When success becomes routine, you win.  By figuring out what your routines are and influencing them, you make life yours!

Break Down Long Term & Short Term Goals

Follow along to brainstorm your goals, both long term, and short term, for your personal and professional life...  Then care those through the individual goal tracker to prioritize!

Your Individual Goal Trackers

Your Individual Goal Trackers are where you strategize and keep track of your goals on a one-by-one basis.  Timelines, rewards, notes...  It's all here to help you accomplish anything!

Weekly Planning - 80/20 Style

Only 20% of what you do is responsible for 80% of your results.  We flip it on it's head in the Get Shit Done Journal by prioritizing EXACTLY what will help you hit your target!

The Daily Log Is Magic

By tracking what you do every day, restating your goals and intentions, and prioritizing the stuff that is most important to hit your goals; you will undoubtedly increase the quality of your life FAST!

get results and achieve anything

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Founder's Edition.  Only 100 36 Left.

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This is just what I needed right now.  Positivity.  Encouragement.  Action.  Thank you!

Tom F. Miami, FL

Frequently asked questions

Where do you ship?

We provide free shipping anywhere in the US, no matter how many journals you purchase.  We aren't shipping outside the US at this point in time.

How quickly will I get the journal?

Typically, it takes 5-7 business days to receive your journals, depending on where you live in the US.

Shipping options

Fast shipping is offered through the United States Postal Service.  We ship priority orders through UPS.

Is there a digital version of the planner?

No, we don't offer a digital version of the planner yet because the act of writing down your goals, planning your day, and keeping a physical copy of everything is where most of the power of journaling lies!  That is how you get shit done and unlock your goals...

Can I request modifications to the journal?

Yes, we can create custom versions of the journal to suit you, your company, your team, etc.  The minimum order quantity for custom versions is 50 units.  

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