Are you sitting on a fantastic digital product idea but feeling stuck, unsure of which path to take next?

You’re not alone!

The journey from concept to creation can often seem daunting, especially when you don’t know the exact steps.

In our work with DFY clients, we’ve created and launched hundreds of digital products and programs and have put a process together to help stuff get out the door.

From coming up with the central idea to brainstorming content and lessons to filming, writing, and editing, it’s something we’ve helped entrepreneurs and influencers do many times.

The hardest part is just knowing WHAT to record and create…

What will people pay for?

What is the problem that they’re experiencing? The thing you know how to solve?

Once you figure that out – the rest is easy…

Yesterday was the 2024 release of the Launchpad Accelerator Program.

The goal is to help you turn your idea into a published digital product with a sales funnel, ads, and more.

We’ll provide the training, support, and coaching to make it happen.

Imagine finally moving past that feeling of confusion and overwhelm with a clear roadmap in your hands.

That’s what the Launchpad Accelerator offers, and it all begins on March 4th!

Why the Launchpad Accelerator, you ask?

  1. Structured Training: After working with hundreds of founders, entrepreneurs, and business owners, we’ve distilled the essence of creating and publishing digital products into a step-by-step training program. No more guesswork – follow the plan!
  2. Personalized Coaching: You’re not in this alone. Our experts will be there with you, offering personalized advice and answering your questions through Slack. In addition, you get three one-on-one calls through the program with me (Jason) when you need them…  Beginning, middle, and launch, usually.
  3. Ongoing Support: Need a quick answer or a bit of encouragement? The community allows you to connect with fellow creators, help each other, and do JV deals!

From those initial concept scribbles to confidently launching your product, the Launchpad Accelerator is designed for people like you.

… People with brilliant ideas but who need that extra guidance and support to make them a reality.

Remember, the magic happens outside your comfort zone. With the Launchpad Accelerator, you’re not just taking a step but leaping your dreams. And the best part? You won’t be doing it alone.

Ready to turn your idea into a success story?

Don’t let another day of doubt hold you back. Sign up now and embark on this transformative journey with us. Your future self will thank you.

Click here to enroll in the Launchpad Accelerator >>

Talk soon,

— Jason

P.S. The program starts on March 4th – spots are filling up. It’s a first come, first served opportunity that will close early! 🚀