Success begins with figuring out what you want, then making the choices that will get you there. You’ll notice I use that word a lot: choices.

Unapologetically Ambitious
Shellye Archambeau and Ben Horowitz

When you decide that one day you’re going to be rich (and yes – it takes you choosing to make it so), there is most likely an image in your head…

It’s the mental picture of a pile of cash locked in a vault representing your entire net worth.

You’ve made it.

You’re successful.

You’ve arrived.

One day, you’ll wake up, and the cash will be there, and all of your worries and frustrations will be gone.

That’s the romantic notion of building businesses.

The business is the thing that unlocks the pile of cash because it sure as shit isn’t your job.

The reality is quite a bit different, though.

You grind, grind, and grind – and you make your first few bucks.

You’re so damn overjoyed by those few dollars that you forget how bad it sucked to make them…  And how much working at a job would have paid you in comparison.

But yet, those few dollars represent freedom…

All you need to do is figure out how to make those few dollars one hundred times…

A day.

An hour.

A minute.

That’s the journey of a business owner.

Sometimes, things work out better than you planned, and sometimes, they don’t. The grind, the hustle, and the struggle are real, though.

Every once in a while, I hear from a business owner who has decided they want to be in business, usually for tax reasons or because they’re bored – but they don’t know what they’re going to do.

They don’t have a problem that they want to solve.

They don’t have a passion for what they want to offer the world.

Someone, somewhere, told them they should think about starting a business.

The problem with that is, because they don’t know what problem they’re going to solve, they have no idea who they’re targeting or why someone will give them money!

So, every day is a struggle because there is no focus.

And, when the road gets complicated, as it always does, the business folds.

One of the best ways to be sure that your business will succeed is to surround yourself with the right people.

Early on, I decided to attend events and start making friends in the Internet Marketing communities.

We traveled all over the country for Underground, Traffic & Conversion 2 & 3, and smaller private masterminds that I got invited to for winning affiliate competitions.

Those relationships carried me through my early career online, though.

I would have been waiting a long time if I had just tried to find people locally here in Erie, PA! Just now, I’m hearing some conversation about business building turning to the Internet!

They are just so behind the times.

For you, though, no matter where you live, you can join DWY+ and start networking with our team, some of our clients, and the other DWY+ members!

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Talk soon,

— Jason