I was talking to a good friend on the phone…

His market is similar to mine in that the company he heads up serves course creators and authors. He told me how surprised he was at the different things their users create with their software.

It got me thinking about this little 5 part video series I’ve been sharing with you…

You see, sales funnels are NEVER the same from business to business.

Copying someone else’s sales funnel exactly is never a good practice.

And even then, a sales funnel is more than just a collection of pages

It’s the report, the sales copy, the email copy, and the marketing automation…

…All the triggers, delays, and messaging go out to get someone to act.

…All the retargeted ads show up when someone doesn’t do something.

…All the notifications that fire when something DOES do something (like booking a call or filling in an FQL form).

At the end of the day, though, everyone is selling something different, so strategies, hooks, and approaches change, as do target markets and customer avatars.

So, in addition to sharing Video 5 with you, I also want to invite you to sign up for a FREE Strategy Session with my team and me.

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One of my gifts, and one of the things I enjoy the most in this world, is helping business owners figure out how to sell more of something.

… That might be your mastermind program, digital course, software, or coaching/consulting offer.

I LOVE the psychology of marketing and finding the perfect customer avatar for your business.

Setting up your offer, creating your course, packaging your material…  It’s all something we can help you with!

The call is completely free, and our only goal is to help you determine the right direction to take.

During the 30-minute call, we got in pretty deep, pretty quick.

Once we understand what you’re selling, we know how to help you attract more customers and clients.

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