Losers React. Leaders Anticipate.

Tony Robbins

As one of my favorite Tony Robbins quotes, it is an excellent intro to this email.

Yesterday, we talked about AI and how you can quickly start a business using it. Our AI Bootcamp is part of DWY+, where you receive that training, the helpful community, additional reports, video training, and much more.

Today, I want to introduce you to another course inside DWY+ called Funnel Flow Made Simple

99% of the sales funnel workflows out there are not built to the level of marketing automation we take our to…  Where every contingency of your prospect is planned for and addressed with marketing automation.

  • What happens when someone opts in?
  • Do they get 30 days’ worth of emails?
  • Do they get text messages?
  • When they buy, does the previous automation stop?
  • Do they receive fulfillment communication after the purchase?
  • Is the next upsell triggered based on where they left off?

You and your marketing team need to ANTICIPATE how prospects will move through the buying process…

What they’re going to click on…

What they’ll need in terms of emails and outbound communication…

And then make sure that it’s all addressed in the sales funnel and CRM!

… The campaigns need to be set up.

… The rules and triggers are added.

… All the copies need to be written and approved.

Leaders Anticipate.

With that being said, there are two next steps I can recommend you take…


If you’re still figuring out which sales funnel type you need for your business and want an inside look at creating and scaling automated systems that’ll convert for your offer…

Funnel Flow Made Simple was made for you. It’s part of DWY+, so you get it automatically when you enroll here:

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I’m considering doing a two-day workshop for five digital product brands here in Erie, PA, on May 30 and 31. In it, we would work through your product, fulfillment, sales funnel flow, and traffic.

If you’re interested in coming here and working with me and our team, click here!  >>

Talk soon,

Jason Drohn

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