I don’t know about you, but digital products and the sales funnels to sell them were confusing when I started 18 years ago…

I started way back in 2006 and have been at it ever since.

It wasn’t until 2010 before I started figuring out how to sell stuff online…

Sometimes, it took the tech to catch up because I wasn’t a programmer.

And it took me probably thousands of hours of practice to write sales and email copy…

And then thousands MORE hours to get comfortable in front of a video camera or on a stage…

It was super overwhelming and confusing.

I knew it was essential for converting website visitors into buyers, but where do you start?

There was no one I could bounce ideas off of here in Erie, PA…  It wasn’t until I started attending events and meeting people that I felt like I was finally part of a community. But I digress.

We’ve got two things for you today:

DWY Launchpad Accelerator Starts Monday, March 4th, and is officially open to the public! Nine spots are available.

We keep this group small because all the Accelerator Participants get access to training, Slack for questions, Coaching Calls with me, and more…

Inside the 90-day Program, you’ll receive:

  1. Comprehensive Digital Marketing and Business Growth Courses: Gain extensive knowledge in funnel design, copywriting, and marketing strategy to grow your digital business effectively.
  2. Specialized Marketing Techniques Training: Learn and master affiliate marketing, high ticket sales, and content marketing to diversify and strengthen your marketing skills.
  3. Advanced Marketing Topics: Stay ahead in the competitive market with advanced training in automated webinar funnels, Meta advertising, Google PPC ads, SEO, and conversion rate optimization.
  4. Group Coaching and Weekly Q&A Sessions: Benefit from personalized support through regular group coaching and Q&A sessions, enhancing your learning and practical application.
  5. Ongoing Support and Guidance: Enjoy continuous coaching support to implement your learnings effectively and adapt strategies to meet your business needs.

The Accelerator Program starts March 4th and includes courses on funnel design, copywriting, marketing strategy, implementation, optimization, and scaling…

Strategic marketing techniques include affiliate marketing, high ticket sales, lead generation, content marketing, automated webinar funnels, email marketing, video sales funnels, Meta advertising, Google PPC ads, SEO, and conversion rate optimization.

There’s a LOT in here. Click here to learn more >>

Sales Funnel Guide: Essential Parts Of A Sales Funnel

With the Accelerator announcements, we probably didn’t need to throw in a training post as well, but it’s a great Monday!

Here’s a breakdown of all the pieces of a sales funnel, step-by-step and in plain English, so that anyone can understand.

It covers:

  • The three essential stages of every sales funnel
  • Detailed explanations of what you need in your offer, follow-up sequence, and traffic plan
  • Specific examples include webinar funnels, ecommerce funnels, lead magnet funnels, and more

It’s the ultimate simple guide to sales funnels. Even if some pieces have seemed fuzzy, you’ll have complete clarity after reading this.

Check out the post here >>

And if you’re looking to put these concepts into action by launching your digital product, be sure to check out our Launchpad Accelerator program.

Over 90 days of live coaching, I’ll guide you in creating, marketing, and selling your first online course, membership site, ebook, app, or other digital product. And you won’t have to figure out the sales funnel alone, either!

Learn more about Launchpad here >>

— Jason