We started doing something internally that I love – office hours.

Anyone with a question can pop in during set times, ask, and then be on their way…  It’s given us much of our day regarding ad-hoc meetings and impromptu Zoom sessions.

I thought yesterday how cool it would be to extend that same concept to DWY+, so we’re making it so!

We’ve got DWY+ Office Hours scheduled starting next Thursday. I’ll be there with a few of my team members, ready to support you however needed.

That includes things like:

  • Sales copy or ad copy review
  • Landing page optimization
  • Digital ad strategy talk-through
  • Data and KPI stuff (telling stories from the data)

The other DWY+ members will learn a lot, too. There’s no better way to grow a digital business than doing it or seeing it being done!

Click here to enroll in DWY+ for free for 14 days! >>

BETA access comes down tonight at 11:59 pm.

We’re going to make sure all of our new members have access to what they need to grow their business online…

I’ll send one more reminder tonight, but after that, we will pull the sales page and get working with our new community members!

Click here to join >>

Talk soon,

— Jason