Depending on when you joined our list, you may or may not know where I got my start…

18 years ago now, I was driving a Pepsi Truck…

Then, I fell in love with the Internet or digital real estate…

And that led me down the path of Internet marketing…

In growing any business, there are significant ups and downs, struggles and successes, and wins and defeats.

The path to success is NEVER a straight shot.

To help wrap my head around all the inner workings of people, business, psychology, leadership, and so much more…  I’ve read hundreds and hundreds of personal development, business development, and marketing books.

When you read that much, you start to see that almost every successful person has the same few habits…

They journal.

They set goals.

They reflect.

They’re proactive.

And they plan.

So, back in 2019, I started journalling. The goal was simply to write something down every day.

Then, it evolved to taking notes on my day with some goal-setting…

Next, I read that Grant Cardone rewrites his goals daily to keep them at the top of my mind, so I started doing that.

And I read that Stephen Covey emphasizes a personal mission statement, so I added rewriting that to my daily journal.

Then, three or four books (and Fast & Furious!) emphasized having a ‘code’ that you live by. So, every day, I started writing nine ‘habits’ that I thought would help me become successful.

After all of this trial and error, testing, and growth, a formula emerged that can help you accomplish anything you want in your life, personally or professionally.

… And I put it all in a journal that will help you take your big goals – your big visions – and step them down into achievable, actionable tasks that you can start working on right now.

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If there is one thing you can do every day to get closer to your goals, whether that’s making more money or spending more time with your family, this journal will help you achieve them!

Talk soon,

— Jason