As an online business owner, you always look for ways to scale and grow your revenue.

Later this week, we’re releasing a new DWY+ Community where you will have access to training, live chat and help from our team, group calls, office hours, and more.

Right now, though, maybe you’re stuck in the cycle of selling low-priced products that require a lot of volume to make a real impact in your life.

Or you’re working the event circuit with your book or slinging physical products without any real profit to be made.

Low ticket is a volume game.

The secret of low-ticket products is that they should be used to ‘qualify’ your buyers for your higher-end packages.

Right now, going straight to a high-end sales process with a complex offer like coaching or canceling is tough.

Credit card utilization is higher than it has been, maybe ever. Folks are reluctant to get on sales calls unless they are uniquely motivated. It’s not like a few years ago when people were stuck in their houses and craved connection.

Now, they have options.

Today, I want to share a few high-ticket models we see working right now, including some caveats in the space.

In this video and blog post, we dive deep into:

  • The pitfalls of relying solely on low-ticket products
  • The advantages of incorporating high-ticket offers into your business model
  • Two proven strategies for selling high-ticket offers
  • The crucial role of strategy sessions in closing high-ticket sales
  • Different types of high-ticket offers you can create, from one-on-one coaching to masterminds
  • How to design a sales funnel that nurtures leads into high-paying clients

Whether you’re just starting or a seasoned online business owner, this post will give you a fresh perspective on how to package your expertise into offers that command premium prices.

Imagine generating ‘life-changing’ revenue from just a handful of clients each month.

It’s not only possible but also more achievable than you might think.

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Talk soon!

— Jason

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