After sending yesterday’s email, a thought kept popping into my head…

Your fortune and freedom are based on one thing…

Your offer.

If you have the right offer and you make it to prospects in an evergreen way, you can generate leads, traffic, and sales on demand.

That might sound basic, but it’s probably the ONE thing you’re screwing up in your business right now.

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Yesterday, you responded to an impromptu quiz asking what the most essential thing in your business was…

The #1 response?

Having a landing page.

And yes, a well-optimized funnel landing page is essential… But no matter how well it’s optimized, your landing page doesn’t directly make you money

There are still several steps before getting an opt-in and getting a sale.

We will talk more about that in Video #2 tomorrow!

Namely, how to structure a streamlined sales process to convert new buyers on demand?

For today, though, make sure to watch Video #1

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Talk soon,

— Jason