I’ve been online for a long time…

There was a day when we had to include a link to Adobe Acrobat on the download page of a PDF because not everyone knew how to open lead magnets and ‘ebooks.’

Kindle books are everywhere, and very few Free Plus Shipping offers exist post-shutdown.  During that time, we marketers figured out we could sell cheap reports and books as a front-end offer and skip the shipping altogether!

All that has led to substantial growth opportunities for entrepreneurs and creators to create and sell what they want…

You’re golden as long as you’ve got some distribution through a social channel or email list.

A few of our influencer clients can post something on Instagram and generate $15K-$30K in 4 hours. It’s incredible!

Where do you start, though?

What types of digital products should you create?

How do you effectively market and sell those products?

We’ve got a blog post that explores these questions in detail. It provides actionable tips and strategies for maximizing success in selling ebooks, online courses, software, and other digital products.

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In this post, you’ll discover:

  • The power of affiliate marketing and how to leverage affiliate programs to help you sell your digital products faster
  • How to use multimedia content like videos and podcasts to promote products, get traction, and get paid
  • The role of effective email marketing and lead magnets (i.e., growing and nurturing your email list…)
  • Different types of digital products you can create and sell
  • The importance of long-term, multi-touch marketing – being omnipresent

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And if you need any help or guidance launching digital products, check out my DWY Launchpad Accelerator. It opens a few times a year with cohorts focused on successfully selling digital goods like courses, memberships, software, and more. We’re opening it up to the general public on Monday!

— Jason

PS. If you are looking to scale online, there are a few things you can do right now to get started: