Reinventing yourself and your business

This breakthrough book reveals the simple, actionable formula to upgrade your business, your life, and break through any barrier in your path!  Phoenix formula was written for one reason... To help you through the rough patches in your life.  To turn around some of your deepest, darkest times and experiences and GROW because of them!

Communicate your expertise

Learn how to monetize your skills, talents, and experience online through a myriad of business models, including coaching, consulting, information products, software, and more!  Discover how to put together offers that engage prospects and convert them into clients and customers, all while branding you as an expert in your industry or niche!

Turn leads into customers

Discover how to convert your prospects into sales following a proven, automated sales funnel formula geared for conversion.  By following the models in this book, you'll learn how to sell pretty much anything, in any vertical or niche, regardless of price.


Check this out!

A realistic piece of writing that can help you get out of a rut or simply take you to the next level.  With 112 pages he gets straight to the point with no B.S. fillers.  Check it out.

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This book is a life changer!

 In Phoenix Formula he shares some very personal stories and reveals his techniques to reinvent ourselves and our businesses. I can't wait to get started building the life I deserve and want to live.  Thanks Jason!

Sarah batts

Uplifting book with lots of great ideas about how to become a small business...

I have read this book twice and will probably read it again.  Many of the ideas and beliefs in this book are in alignment with my own beliefs and re-enforce my attitudes.

I found this to be a passionate, uplifting book with lots of great ideas about how to become a small business from your home.

Rex turner

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